RODIN Collection

Collection of bronzes for sale

These Rodin bronzes originate from a collection of foundry plasters that was assembled over many years with the intention of reproducing a limited edition of bronzes of the highest quality.

Using the finest craftsman and techniques developed by Rodin's fondeurs, bronze casts were created with the utmost attention to the details, size, and patinas which exist in casts supervised by the artist during his lifetime.

Plaster was the form in which Rodin recorded his genius. First modelling in clay, which disintegrates over time, Rodin recorded a composition's important stages and finished form by making a negative mold (un moule bon creu) from the clay. He then used this mold to cast a permanent form in plaster. A plaster was always the starting point for further innovations in the composition or replication in bronze or stone.

The goal of this project was to collect examples of Rodin's most significant works. These examples include, among others, such universally renowned figures as "The Age of Bronze", "Eve", "The Kiss", and "The Thinker". The collection consists of a series of over 50 different Rodin sculptures, from which will be cast limited number of pieces each, with a certificate of authenticity. All dimensions and details are exact to life time casts.

The Rodin casts are cast using the lost wax process (the process preferred by the artist). All casts are under the direction and supervision of experts and are done in one of the finest foundries in the world located in Italy. All processes and techniques replicate in exact detail those used by the artist during his lifetime. These casts are equal in all details to lifetime casts and are among the finest casts ever done from this remarkable artist. All patinas are done using the same chemicals and techniques of the lifetime works and are identical to lifetime casts.

Most people do not realize that the vast majority of the bronzes that currently come to the market place today, whether in auction or being sold in a gallery are posthumously cast. In fact many of the Rodin bronzes found in prominent museums and public exhibitions have been cast after the life of the artist. With respect to copyright law, all art falls into public domain seventy years after the death of the author, and Rodin died in 1917.